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  • Franck Muller

    Franck Muller

    Every watchmaker’s dream has always been to manufacture a complete watch. The Franck Muller Group continues this time-honoured culture by designing and manufacturing almost all the components of its timepieces.

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  • Seven Friday

    Seven Friday

    Sevenfriday is a Swiss watch brand founded in 2012. Its watches mostly use square cases and have been described as "bold", "futuristic" and "inspired by the industrial revolution" In keeping with the brand values and inspiration developed withthe M and P series, SEVENFRIDAY derives its motivation for the new V range from Industrial essence, revolution and engines.

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  • Dinh Van

    Dinh Van

    French jewelry created in 1965, Dinh Van brought a spirit of freedom by introducing design to the world of fine jewelry. The House creates graphic, sleek, modern jewelry in an inimitable style. Far removed from traditional fine jewelry, dinh van takes jewelry to the streets, inventing an everyday luxury, a luxury for oneself.

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  • L’Epée 1839

    L’Epée 1839

    For 175 years, L'Epée has been at the forefront of watch and clock making. Today, it is the only specialised manufacture in Switzerland dedicated to making high-end clocks. L'Epée was founded in 1839, initially to make music box and watch components, by Auguste L’Epée who set up the business near Besançon, France.

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