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« the free spirit of the French jewelry »

Created in 1965, dinh van brought a spirit of freedom by introducing design to the world of fine jewelry. The House creates graphic, sleek, modern jewelry in an inimitable style. Far removed from traditional fine jewelry, dinh van takes jewelry to the streets, inventing an everyday luxury, a luxury for oneself.

Freed from the constraints of convention, its creations are made for strong, emancipated women who wear jewelry for themselves, not for those who look at them. dinh van invents contemporary fine jewelry with a single thought in mind: true luxury is simplicity.


A clasp turned jewelry piece

In 1976, dinh van drew inspiration from the shape of a key head to design a key ring that could easily separate two keys. Attached to a chain, this ingenious system became a clasp. While clasps are traditionally concealed in fine jewelry, here dinh van has made the clasp the main feature.

This clasp quickly became known as the Menottes dinh van (handcuff) because once the two elements are interlaced, it is practically impossible to separate them again.

Enhancing the ordinary

In a fresh take on an everyday object, dinh van stylized the spring clip on a key ring to create a new line of jewelry that was both simple and complete. The key ring was reworked until nothing was left to chance.

In a spirit of boldness and freedom, this collection rekindled the creative and artistic effervescence of the seventies, drawing inspiration from the characteristic shapes of the period: a blend of taut lines and curves.

Precious games

In the early 1970s, dinh van dreamed up a system of interlocking spiral rings. The line was reintroduced in 2013, multiplying the possible combinations to infinity.

This collection offers a blend of powerful style codes specific to the House: geometric rigor and a playful spirit. The everyone is free to compose her jewelry to match her desires.

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