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New Times of a great Clock Manufacture

« The Art of living you Time » is much more than a motto, it is the quintessence of Matthew Norman and perfectly embodies the new philosophy of the famous Swiss brand.
Capitalizing on a fantastic know-how gathered through decades of in-house carriage clocks manufacturing, the collection has amazingly evolved and now includes skeleton clocks, attractive limited timepieces and astounding complications. Matthew Norman’s table clocks are a must-have as much for horological aficionados as for lovers of pure design articles.

Matthew Norman personifies « the Art of living your Time » with three lines of products. A highly technical one features a unique five-barrel forty-day mechanical movement, an innovative open-disc power-reserve display, and a vertically-tilted regulating organ : L’Audacieuse. The second one highlights the purity of the designs with special attention to the movement’s components including the plates : Diaphane. Clocks lend themselves extremely well to this kind of effect thanks to the parts’s large size. The last line : Wind combines the beauty of mechanical movement with the majesty of sophisticated housings.
Matthew Norman’s exceptional beauty is also enhanced thnks to the exclusive use of noble materials such as brass, specific woods and cut glasses endowing the clocks with inimitable stature and radiance.

Up to three hundred parts compose a mechanical clock. Upon successful completion of up to two thousand operations required to its assembly, the company records tracing information such as the movement number, the watchmaker name, and the production date. All mechnical clocks made in the workshops are hand-crafted, part by part, by experienced craftmen. The range now includes eight-day movements set with eighteen jewels, forty-day movement enhanced with thirty-seven jewels.

Enriched by a well-established practice of the art of horology, the company now successfully combines historical and modern elements. Thanks to its own true Manufacture and to the skills of its watchmakers, Matthew Norman is able to offer exceptional products based on a century old and living tradition.


The Art of living your Time


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