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Design your jewelry showroom with style

Whenever a customer enters a jewelry shop, the ambience enhances the mood. A customer may enter a jewelry store with an unconfined budget in pocket and high-class design in mind, and if the shop does not fit right in this scenario, the customer maybe put off. A jewelry shop must be one stop shop, the customer should keep returning back to the same showroom for every purchase. The designing of the shop is as important as its jewelry; unique, elegant and very classy with lots of mirrors and lights and artwork usually works with the fancy jewelry stores. The section containing the antique jewelry can be decorated in old artwork with darker shades, whereas the modern young jewelry can be put on display in different patterns like cups, stands, frames, etc. If there is an already flourishing showroom, maybe a little renovation will make the new customers connect more.

Keeping pace with the current trends helps to market better. Develop jewelry shop in such a way as to maximize the sales potential like lower valued jewels can be put in open shelves so the customers can try and select by themselves. The expensive pieces must be put in glass shelves for safety. The floor plan must consist of straight, diagonal, angular options for different sections of the shop. For transactions have a separate space and for managing and other administrative purpose have a back office. It can also be used as store inventory. Glass cabinets, drawer units, wall shelves and showcases with a lot of lighting will attract a customer’s attention to the products on display. Unique necklace busts add a lot of element to the jewelry. Seamless, bonded glass allows an uninterrupted view, to reduce energy consumption use LED lights. Showcases made of wood and metal finishing are quite trendy. Overhead lightings create an attractive and welcoming ambience. Hair accessories can be decorated on different hairstyles of a dummy or metal belts or mannequins with various genres of dresses. This can add style and new ideas to the showroom’s approach to promote their jewelry. Ring holders of various shapes, earrings hung in frames or decorated on cups, bracelets put on beautiful bars to depict how classy they will look. Just plan a theme for your showroom and think how you would like to wear your jewelry, everything else will fall into place. Security should also be kept in mind like alarms, cameras, vaults, and security guards from high-tech firms so that all your efforts are intact always.

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