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Guardian of a secular know-how since 1865, REUGE is now the only company in the world capable of producing luxury mechanical music boxes. Moving into the future, REUGE continues to defend the values of tradition, excellence, creativity and quality while developing cutting-edge technologies that offer the music box new perspectives.
As the exclusive retailer of Reuge’s creations in Egypt, Felopateer Palace invites you to discover the Art of Mechanical Music.

An exceptional destiny

The Swiss clock and watchmaker Charles REUGE’s enthusiasm led him to start making watches fi tted with musical movements in 1865. Motivated by the same entrepreneurial spirit, his son Albert opened a music box workshop in Sainte-Croix some twenty years later. Thus a dynasty was born and was lead by Guido REUGE for more than sixty years.

In 1929, Guido REUGE ordered the construction of the building that today still houses the REUGE Manufacture and brings great movements to life. An intuitive and briliant designer, he invented and manufactured a ski binding that enabled him to continue making music boxes, even when times were tough, and acquired several competitor companies, bringing real added-value to REUGE and guaranteeing the rapid expansion of the business.
Determination, tradition and imagination were the keys to REUGE’s success. As music boxes enter the new millennium, REUGE is applying its singular creativity to producing radically innovative objects. Aesthetics are being re-invented. Guardian of expertise dating back almost
one and a half centuries, REUGE is the world leader in manufacturing luxury music boxes worldwide, some of which can be compared to the great intricacy found in clock and watchmaking. 

Music box with 3 functions:
Charges the iPhone by induction
Plays the music when the phone is vibrating
Plays the music on demand

Base: black lacquered wood. Gloss fi nish
Upper part: Macassar ebony. Gloss fi nish
Polished glass, with nickel-plated hinges
Movement CH 3.72
72 notes, 3 melodies, 1 cylinder
Dimensions : 380x240x82 mm

A REUGE music box takes about three months to produce, during which our craftsmen breathe life and soul into their creations in every step of the creative process. The mastery of many professional skills, some of which are highly specialised for the fabrication of musical boxes, is necessary to produce one of these fine creations. Unique expertise indeed is the secret of mechanical music.

Forward-looking elegance

At the dawn of the new millennium, REUGE is the true master of mechanical music. Maintaining the tradition, anticipating expectations, preserving the magic - these are the keys to ensuring that this exceptional art maintains its time-honoured reputation.

The world needs dreams, beauty and refi nement. REUGE’s music boxes, singing birds and pocket watches are all exclusive gifts that arouse emotions. REUGE has placed them at the heart of its business. The full breadth of REUGE’s rich heritage is expressed in these unparalleled creations that enable mechanical music to retain its relevance.

Today, «REUGE» is written in letters of silver. Those who look to REUGE are transported into the marvellous world of mechanical music – a world whose credo is authenticity, expectation and enchantment. A world of avant-garde excellence and delight. Mechanical music is an art that REUGE has resolutely guided into the 21st century.

Winch High Tech
Music box based on the boating theme
The base is in black lacquered wood and
the sail is in stainless steel
Movement CH 3.72
72 notes, 3 melodies, 1 cylinder
Dimensions : 288x120x104 mm

Music box in burr vavona
with baroque inlay
Movement Inter CH 15.72
72 notes, 15 melodies, 5 cylinders
Dimensions : 425x260x150 mm
Limited Edition of 72 pieces

Avant-garde creativity and technice

Achieving its goals by combining determination, tradition and innovation, REUGE has brought about a technical and aesthetic revolution. As unprecedented materials and original techniques have made their entry into the world of mechanical music, the latest creations have opened up hitherto unexplored paths. Indeed, the Lounge and Studio lines give new meaning to the concept of the music box.

The fi nest materials and the most sophisticated machining techniques are behind the excellence of the new collection: state-of-the art and high-precision methods have produced the musical movements, which resonate from the fi nely fi nished box in all their splendour. Precious woods combine with the fi nest of materials. All these pieces refl ect REUGE’s technical mastery and creativity.

Always ahead of its time, REUGE is synonymous with innovation. In order to anticipate customer expectations, bold creativity is invested in radically new projects, and in the fi nal analysis the conjugation of time and mechanical music gives birth to genuinely avant-garde objects. In this way, REUGE combines its expertise with the Swiss watchmaking tradition to bring its unique creations to life.
The contemporary movement and the latest music box

In 2003, a revolution began within the walls of the REUGE Manufacture as the musical movement underwent a technical and aesthetic transformation. The comb and cylinder, always the essential parts of the music box, were now placed in a radically new environment.
The contemporary movement now shines with an audacious metallic brilliance. The blued steel screws contrast subtly with the polished surfaces. Inspired by prestige watchmaking, REUGE has created and developer a special «Côtes de Geneve» motif, giving the baseplates a delicate undulation. The jewels set in the speed governor are an understated refl ection of the hundreds of hours of research required to develop the contemporary movement. A spring-housing and on/off button of a completely new style add the fi nishing touches to this harmonious design.

The golden brilliance of the traditional movement highlights the music makers’ genius. The result of many years of development, it is still manufactured in accordance with their professional standards. A cylinder in polished brass, a stamped spring-housing struck with the «REUGE» logo and over 80 parts assembled by hand. When the notes of a tune ring out on a traditional movement, the listener is hearing the magic of one hundred and fi fty years of history.

Music box in the shape of an arch
in polished glass
Movement CH 3.72
72 notes, 3 melodies, 1 cylinder
Dimensions : 660x150x70 mm

Chestnut musical table
Tapestry-like inlay in pear-tree wood
Movement Inter CH 36.72
72 notes, 36 melodies, 12 cylinders
Dimensions : 617x401x766 mm

Endless customization possibilities

From being a functional object, the music box is becoming an object that appeals to the senses, a true mechanical musical instrument, which is original. As a corporate gift, a customized music box, in classical or contemporary style fitting the corporate identity, is an emotional present that people will always remember.
A large choice of REUGE music boxes can be personalised on demand with a logo, a coat of arms, dedicated corporate colours, specific tunes, a customized brass plate or even entirely re-designed.
Limitless and inventive, the company has also engaged in elaborate collaborations with notable names, and often visits the glamorous provinces of luxury brands like Boucheron, Vertu, Ferrari, Harry Winston, Mercedes, as well as special commissions for luxury hotels.
Whether you want to enjoy the music box yourself or offer one as a gift to a relative or business partner, REUGE offers a huge range of original pieces from CHF 200.- to CHF 200’000.-.

REUGE music box - thinking outside the box.

Dawn Chorus
Singing bird box in black carbalho
Automaton movement with one singing bird
Dimensions : 120x75x40 mm

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